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Our mission:  Our mission is to save the lives of tens of thousands of dogs each year, by substantially decreasing the number of dogs surrendered to animal shelters and increasing the number of large dogs adopted from shelters.

Our mission will be accomplished  by making it effortless, instead of nearly impossible for renters with large dogs to locate the millions of rentals that gladly accept them.  


What is the definition of a "large dog" ?  How can you search for something that has never even been defined?


What if a renter owning a large dog could effortlessly search for a rental, and the only results returned would be rentals that will gladly accept their large dog?


This would mean that the renter could invest 100% of their time evaluating rentals instead of wasting the vast majority of their time sifting through “pet friendly” rental after “pet friendly” rental only to be denied again and again.

It is not that there aren’t rentals that accept large dogs. 11% of apartments, representing millions of rentals nationwide, accept large dogs. The challenge is that it is extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible to find them. 


The solution is Large Dog Friendly Rentals Corporation.  

With Large Dog Friendly Rentals every rental property listed on our proprietary search engine will accept dogs weighing 70 pounds or less. NO EXCEPTIONS!  95% all dogs in the US weigh 70 lbs. or less. Many of our rental listings will accept dogs weighing substantially more.  

At the Large Dog Friendly Rentals’ Website, the renter enters their personal profile into our proprietary “patent pending” search engine technology. This includes an extensive profile of their dog(s). Our proprietary search engine does all the rest, easily and efficiently matching the renter with all properties in their desired area that will accept their large dog.

Unlike traditional search results, Large Dog Friendly Rentals’ search results will return the pet policy and associated pricing charged by the apartment complex.

100% of the renters’ time can now be spent on evaluating properties, instead of the outrageous time wasted to determine if the property will even accept their dog. If a renter does not plan on giving up their dog, why would they want to waste their time viewing even one property that will not accept their dog?

Restricted Breed

What if the renter’s large dog is on the restricted breed’s list? Even a German Shepard (2nd most popular dog in the United States) is on the restricted breed’s list.

Large Dog Friendly Rentals can also help the renter with this issue. “Restricted Breed” We are your friend indeed.

According to Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act, 1988, property managers and landlords must make accommodations in their policies to allow an “Emotional Support Animal” to live with a tenant even if the "Emotional Support Animal" is on their restricted breed’s list.  

Large Dog Friendly Rentals will provide renter’s with dogs that are on the restricted breeds’ list a way to easily obtain the required “ESA” documentation, which legally permits their restricted breed to be accepted. Most renters aren’t even aware an" ESA" overrides the restricted breed’s policy of an apartment complex.  

The main advantage of using the "LDFR" “ESA” service is that the required ESA documentation varies with almost every apartment complex.  

Since the apartments are “LDFR” customers, we know in advance the exact specific “ESA” documentation each apartment requires, thereby eliminating multiple visits to a psychiatrist for an “ESA documentation re-write. Our “ESA” service is performed online, obviating the need for an “in person” visit with a psychiatrist, and insuring the apartment will accept the "apartment specific" required “ESA” documentation.

500,000 dogs are surrendered to shelters each year because renters cannot find rentals that will accept them.  

If we save only 1%, this will result in 5,000 dogs saved each year.  

We can and will solve this problem with your help. We need $125,000 immediately to begin the creation of our proprietary “patent pending” Large Dog Friendly Rental's search technology.  

Please help us save 10,000 dogs each year!